The Organizing Committee and the International Fistball Association IFA are very glad to publish the official event report with numbers and facts about the Fistball U18 Men’s and Women’s World Championship as well as the Women’s World Championship and U21 Men’s European Championships 2021 in Grieskirchen, Austria.

More than 395.000.000 people worldwide were reached by press articles and the media work about the Fistball World Championships. To compare this number, that’s almost the number of habitants within the European Union. This big number and more than 330 print articles and over 500 social media posts lead to a media value of 4.000.000 EUR.

Sustainability was one of the major topics which effected all organizational departments. The UN sustainable Goals formed the basis and we focused on Social environment, gender and youth, waste consumption, transport and food consumption.

We avoided 35.000 plastic bottles and plastic cups by using reusable cups. Furthermore we reduced team transports to a minimum as all accommodations where in a maximum distance of 15km from the venue.

SportsEconAustria did a survey during the World Championships and evaluated a Economic Value Added of nearly 700.000 EUR, mostly in the region of Grieskirchen and Upper Austria. According to this, 15 jobs were created. This also because the Organizing Committee purchased nearly all goods from local companies and suppliers.

More than 250 volunteers invested around 11.000 hours of voluntary work to organize and run the World Championships!

Fun Fact in the end: 8.200 spectators were quite thirsty and 100 barrels of beer were needed.

Download the full event report here

Thank you very much to all of you who made this World Championships to a Fistball Festival! See you soon again in Grieskirchen, Austria!