For the IFA 2021 Women’s World Championship from July 13th to 17th 2021 in Jona a record number of countries could be reached. So far 14 national associations have announced their intention to attend the World Championship with the International Fistball Association. These are Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA. With 14 selections, a spectacle would be guaranteed at the championships next summer. Never before has a Women’s World Championship in fistball been held with such a large participation. In comparison: At the 2006 World Championship 9 national teams were participating in the Grünfeld stadium in Jona.

Due to the uncertain situation due to the Corona, the definitive number of participants will not be known until April. Until then, the regional associations have time to definitely submit their registration.