Article originally published from Deutsche Faustball Liga DFBL.

Unusual times require a lot of creativity: The 14 women’s A-team is currently preparing intensively for the planned fistball world championship in Jona (Switzerland) in mid-July. But due to the current situation, national coach Silke Eber had to get creative for the coming weekend – and break new ground with the players.

Actually, the starting signal for the World Championship season should have been given for the German women’s national team in Segnitz this coming weekend. Unfortunately nothing will come of it! As to be expected, the course cannot take place in Segnitz due to the ongoing corona pandemic. “Weeks ago we were still quite confident that we could carry out the trainings with the help of a test strategy and the hygiene concept. Unfortunately, the high incident numbers have overtaken us so that we cannot start in Segnitz.” said national coach Silke Eber. This course should now be rescheduled for the weekend of Pentecost.

As an alternative to the canceled course next weekend, the coaching team has put together training plans for the next weekend. The players can complete the respective program in twos. Wherever it is possible and where the training grounds can also be used. With this program, the players should be slowly introduced to the field season, the program is individually controllable. “The players have encountered different situations in the past few months. Some players have been able to train already for a long time, special permits were issued on site so that training could take place despite the pandemic. Some players were only able to start training a few weeks ago. We currently do not have a uniform level of performance in the squad because the training requirements are too different.” said Eber about the current level of performance. “It will be a great challenge for us to bring the squad together in terms of performance!”.

There is great hope that the first course can now take place on the weekend of Pentecost in Segnitz.

Current German women’s squad for the World Championship in Jona:
Sonja Pfrommer, Stephanie Dannecker, Henriette Schell, Svenja Schröder, Helle Grossmann, Maya Mehle, Anna-Lisa Aldinger, Hinrike Seitz, Annika Bösch, Michaela Grzywatz, Ida Hollmann, Laura Kauk, Luca von Loh, Theresa Schröder;
Trainer- und Betreuerstab: Silke Eber, Eva Krämer, Miriam Schuldt