The Women’s World Championships started on Wednesday and the U18 World Championships on Thursday, today the U21 Men’s European Championships join the others in another fight for gold. Austria and Switzerland start their match at 09:30, U21 Germany have their first game at 12:00.

Today the women’s teams already compete in the semi-finals in the evening. In the first semi-final at 16:30 we have Germany battling Chile for a spot in the final, and at 18:15 Austria has to prove themselves against Switzerland. The winning teams are fighting for gold on the 31st of July at 18:10.

The youth teams conduct the last preliminary games and have to prove that they belong to the best players on the globe. So far, the games have been gripping until the end and no one could predict game outcomes before the final whistle from the referees.

Photo: Uwe Spille / DFBL