Article originally published from Swiss Faustball and CFFN.

A little more than three months before the Women’s World Championship in Jona, Roman Mattle and Roger Willen from the CFFN interviewed Swiss women’s national coach Toni Lässer.

Toni, how are you and what do you do when you are not thinking about fistball?
I am fine and healthy. There is a lot of gardening work to be done and without a fistball I have no excuses to put it off. My wife is pleased.

After a year of Corona – what is the standing of the Swiss women’s national team and how is the contact with the players?
The women’s squad is very motivated before the home World Championship and has made good progress athletically. We inform our players about different topics every month – for example new training focuses. The focus at the moment is on our mental concept. A monthly update from every player about their health and their training options gives an exact picture of the training status of our women’s national team. In addition, our first time together confirmed the overall good condition of the team.

Where and when do you train and how can you live without competitions?
The players are currently training at home in the strength area and also in club groups on athletics and with the ball. Of course, we all miss the competition.

What is the difficult in planning for 2021?
We have developed a plan with four phases. In addition, we have drawn up a rough plan with the associated training plans for building strength and stamina and delegated it to the players. The motivation and commitment of our ladies are at a high level.

Do you think the national championship will start on May 1st?
I hope so. In any case, we are prepared.
Remark: Swiss Faustball decided on 17th of April to postpone national championship start in Switzerland at least to 29th of May.

How do you see the eventual participation of women in the 2022 World Games in the USA?
This would be a nice event that I would love to experience with the women’s national team and the CFFN. But before that, I’m hoping for the Women’s World Championship in Jona this summer.